Warwickshire based Yoga Teacher offering individual, group and corporate yoga sessions. A weekly class schedule offers adult vinyasa flow classes for all levels and preferences and group yoga for pregnancy sessions. Offering intuitively based vinyasa yoga sessions with a focus upon finding connection, exploring our bodies and reaping the benefits of a regular yoga practice. With its foundations in body awareness and connection, the Vinyasa Yoga style sessions emphasise the importance of mindful movement whilst celebrating our mind, body and breath. Whatever your level or preference there is a session to suit your needs; ranging from group slower flow sessions to Flow & Glow vinyasa sessions, all suitable for beginners upwards. Wherever you are on your yoga journey come and join our yoga community.

During these times that we are unable to come together in person, I am continuing to support and nourish our community with some online content. Check out my YouTube channel for short sequences, or join me for a live Zoom class every Monday evening. To join just book a class.


Leanne’s classes are simply brilliant, she creates and builds classes that deliver for a range of abilities from first timer to advance yogi. She keeps each class simple (so that you can start to recognise different flows for home practice if you wish) yet interesting with a good dose of fun thrown in.

Leanne has created such a relaxed and wonderful sense of community that runs through all of her classes. You receive such a gracious warm welcome whether you are stepping through her door for the very first time or your 91st time.





Beautiful experience. Leanne is gentle and Kind, thoughtful and intuitive.

I’m new to yoga and have found it most beneficial. Previous back pain has improved and my general health and wellbeing.



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