Corporate Classes



For businesses that understand the requirement of supporting the wellbeing of their workforce I provide onsite corporate yoga classes. Bespoke work place packages which are designed to meet the brief of the business. Whether you are looking for an energising start to a corporate day or seeking a weekly anti-desk, invigorating lunchtime session, these packages are designed to suit your workforce’s needs.

Yoga in the workplace has many benefits; from strengthening team morale, motivation & communication to making the workplace an enjoyable environment. Yoga and mindfulness practice is known to improve focus, within the workplace this focus is hugely beneficial in working to deadlines and improving productivity. With a regular workplace yoga practice your workforce can enjoy the benefits of enhanced strength, posture and health, along with decreased chronic pain and fatigue.

Class sizes vary upon the needs and space availability of the business and sessions are suitable for all levels of yoga.

During this time of physical distancing corporate classes are available via online live stream platforms, bringing yoga directly to your workforce wherever they are based.

If you’d like further information please contact me to discuss your business’ requirements.